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Nigeria Q3 2016 Radio & TV Audience Ratings Report

We are pleased to provide you with a Media Measurement report with audience statistics on Top TV Stations and Top Radio Stations for Quarter 3 2016 in Nigeria, where the GeoPoll Media Measurement service is currently available. 


Using the daily data collected through GeoPoll's Media Measurement Service, GeoPoll has analyzed the top Radio stations at the national level in Nigeria for Q3 2016. We examined both ratings and share for the top stations in Nigeria. The below chart shows the average ratings for the top stations throughout the day:

Nigeria Radio Ratings.gif

The above graph shows that Wazobia FM takes the lead in ratings at the national level throughout the day followed by Ray Power FM. Wazobia FM has its highest ratings between 6-8AM with an average of 2.66. There is a great competition for the third average between Cool FM, FRCN and Nigeria Info FM.

 GeoPoll also examined average share for Q3 2016:

Nigeria Radio Share.jpg

Wazobia FM has the top spot, averaging 9.0% of all listeners followed by Ray Power FM with an average of 6.9%. Cool FM has an average of 3.9% thus achieving the third share with a slight difference from FRCN which has an average share of 3.7%. The high share % for other stations outside the top 10 indicates the large number of radio stations in Nigeria, which broadcast across the country at a regional level.


Nigeria TV Ratings.gif

AIT leads in ratings at the national level throughout the peak hours except at 7.30PM where Channels TV takes the lead with an average rating of 2.26. AIT has its highest ratings at 8.30PM with an average rating of 3.02. There is a stiff competition for the third average nationally between Silverbird TV and Galaxy.

GeoPoll also examined average share across the entire day during Q3 2016.

Nigeria TV Share.jpg

AIT achieves the highest share with an average of 13.9% of all the listeners nationally followed by a slight difference from Channels TV which has an average share of 13.0%. Silverbird TV gets the third share with an average of 10.5% followed by Galaxy with an average of 10.0%. NTA is now asked at the regional level for each state, and the ratings for each individual NTA station combine to account for a large % of the ‘Other’ stations outside of the top 10.

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