Out of Home Measurement Inquiries

Features of OOH Measurement by GeoPoll, Kantar Media, and Cuende include: 

  • Reach and ratings data for billboards and other OOH advertisements in major metropolitan areas throughout Africa.
  • Information on trip habits of different demographic groups on weekends and weekdays.
  • Popular transport methods (foot, car, taxi, bus) broken down by demographics.
  • Data integrated into OOH planning software so agencies and brands can easily calculate the ROI of different OOH advertisements.

Use the below form to contact us to subscribe to Out of Home Measurement, request a product demonstration, or be notified when this product launches in other countries. Please be as detailed as possible about your OOH measurement needs so we can respond promptly. 

OOH Measurement is launching in Q3 in Kenya, and will expand to Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Angola, Ivory Coast, DRC, Malawi, & Rwanda.