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Looking for data for Human Aid and Development?

GeoPoll offers custom surveys, ongoing data collection, and one-way messaging services to aid government, relief and international development efforts without the need for on-site enumerators. 

Why GeoPoll?

Fast, Reliable Insights

GeoPoll's research technologies ensure that surveys are deployed to your target audiences quickly, and results delivered in near real-time.

Tailor-Made for Your Project

We undertake research projects with specific needs in mind. GeoPoll's dedicated teams assist clients in every single step of the project, from design to data analysis.

Wide Geographic Reach

GeoPoll has more than 5 million profiled panelists and access to over 250 million individuals in 64 countries around the globe!

Reach Unreachable Communities

With GeoPoll's coverage and unique mobile methodologies, governments and aid organisations can quickly reach populations affected by natural disaster, conflict, and disease - on the ground - even in areas aid workers are unable to reach. 

SMS is often the first service to come back online following a natural disaster, and using GeoPoll’s direct SMS connectivity organizations can gather important information around damages and pressing aid needs, disseminate information on disease prevention, and more.

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Monitor your projects remotely

Accurate and timely data collection is imperative for donors, NGOs, and governments to assess their effectiveness and communicate their successes. Whether monitoring key indicators of an ongoing project or evaluating the impact of an intervention, GeoPoll provides fast, cost-effective data within days. 

GeoPoll’s robust surveying platform and large respondent database provide actionable data that measures project process, demonstrates community attitudes and perceptions over time, and allows organizations to more effectively track the outcomes of project interventions.

Leverage our Global Reach for your Research

GeoPoll has over 5 million profiled survey respondents and access to more than 250 million individuals through mobile network operator partnerships in 64 countries around the globe. In addition, GeoPoll can deploy surveys to almost any country through voice calls, the GeoPoll mobile application, and other modes.

GeoPoll International Development & Humanitarian Aid Research Solutions

Humanitarian Aid

Reach populations affected by natural disaster, conflict, and disease

Monitoring & Evaluation

Gather real-time data for more effective Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Democracy and Governance

Reach citizens in remote areas and conflict zones 

Food and Agriculture

Remotely monitor changes in food security and agriculture

Health and Nutrition

Monitor and improve health systems with on-the-ground data


Develop effective resilience programming with data

Financial Inclusion

Assess financial inclusion in emerging markets and reach unbanked populations

Violent Extremism

Reach local communities to combat extremism

Education & Employment

Monitor educational services, and measure employment trends.


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