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A GeoPoll study of livestock and crop farming and the effect of mobile technology on farming in kenya


This free, 20-page report from GeoPoll contains new insights into the farming sector in Kenya, including farm size and land ownership, crops farmed, key challenges faced by farmers in Kenya, including climate change, drought, and pests, and in-depth data on how mobile technology has changed farming in Kenya. Report sections include:

  • Crop and Land Information on Farmers in Kenya
    • Crop vs livestock and the type of crops farmed
    • Land size and ownership
  • Drought and Climate Change
    • Factors affecting yield
    • Availability of water for farming
    • Food security
  • The Digital Farmer
    • Mobile phone ownership
    • Other sources of information
    • Usage of mobile money and other mobile services
  • Main challenges and latest trends in Farming
    • Challenges faced by farmers
    • Use of organized groups for education
    • New trends in farming
Download this report for free today by filling out the form on this page, or contact us here to learn how to conduct your own survey of farmers in Africa.