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On-the-ground data on Coronavirus 

GeoPoll's thoughts are with those affected by the coronavirus outbreak around the world and recognizes the importance of companies like ours doing everything we can to support the global response. On March 10th GeoPoll deployed a remote, SMS survey to populations in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria to assess knowledge and perceptions of the virus as the first cases were reported in sub-Saharan Africa. We will be releasing these results for free the week of May 16th, and as the virus continues to spread we anticipate running additional surveys in more countries around the world to assess resources and needs during this time. To be the first to get our initial coronavirus report and subsequent data, please sign up on this page. 

GeoPoll conducts mobile-based research through modes that are primarily remote, including via 2-way SMS, mobile web links, and voice calls. This enables us to gather on-the-ground feedback from populations around the world without putting in-person researchers at risk. To speak with one of our team about conducting a remote research project, please contact us here.